Hello, thank you for viewing my about page.

Welcome to my world of wildlife and landscape photography, here you can purchase prints, keep up to date with my Life behind the lens blog, or simply enjoy images of wildlife and landscapes, amongst other images. 

I'm a photographer from the United Kingdom, based in St. Austell. I've always had a drive for being outside, surrounded by nature, and particularly with animals ever since a young age. Although i knew what i loved to do it still felt like i hadn't achieved that much, and sometimes it would get a bit lonely too, that was until i was gifted my first camera by my Mother at age 11. Ever since i've been honing my skills in photography and expanding my knowledge wherever possible. 


Being able to share my discoveries and take people on a journey with me gives me a great amount of joy, I've always been awkward around people, never really knowing exactly what to say, but equally needing a community to share the many wonders of nature and wildlife, so having a camera makes all the difference in my life. 


I have an active Facebook page here, and I'm on Instagram too at @ryanmatthewsphotography;
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I'm currently using a Pentax K-70 with a

DA 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 ED AL (IF) DC WR lens.
and 50mm f/1.8 SMC DA Lens

I process everything in Adobe Lightroom. I rarely use Photoshop as I prefer to keep away from retouching and cloning to keep things as natural as possible.


Ryan Matthews, 2018.