Sunset Photography

Why Are Sunsets

So Popular?


Two cameras enjoying a sunset and some good beer, or a late-night photoshoot? I'll let you decide.


What are your most beautiful memories attached to sunsets, and how about the darkest? Are you relieved that the day is over or full of hope for what the next day brings...or maybe you're a nocturnal creature who prefers the cover of darkness? What is it that makes a sunset more than just light and clouds? What is is that draws us back to them, in our writing, in our photography, in our hearts? Why are they so special to our society and how can we translate all these emotions and memories attached to them into a photograph? Help me figure out what's so special about the end of a day. Help me turn that into an image. Tell me about your sunset.


 Capturing a time-lapse of the sunset.

Capturing a time-lapse of the sunset.


Sunsets are possibly the most overused photography subject in the world. Generic, boring and pointless, the go-to of postcard manufacturers and terrible adverts. Let's be honest, they're ten a penny. Yes, it's hard to get a bad picture of a sunset, but to use another currency-based analogy (Freudian slip? I'm not saying anything...) it's  a two-sided coin, it's also hard to get a sunset picture that stands out. They're all good, but none are really spectacular.

But sunsets are also beautiful. Breathtaking. Romantic. Something in them compels people to silence. Poems, metaphors...why is it that sunsets translate better to words than images when their beauty is entirely visual? I'm reaching out to you today to ask you a question. What is it that draws you to sunsets...or equally, why do they mean nothing to you?